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Tree Pruning Practices

When thinking about having your trees pruned, you first have to consider the goal you are trying to achieve. That can vary greatly from tree to tree. Here are some examples...

Crown Cleaning would involve clearing the canopy of dead and broken limbs, making your tree safer and more aesthetically pleasing.

Structural Pruning can help reduce the risk of tree failure as the tree matures, maintain tree health and improve the look of your tree.

Crown Reduction can reduce risk of failure, provide clearance and even improve your view.

Crown Thinning can allow better light penetration and reduce wind drag.

We can identify structural defects in your trees and take measures to reduce or even eliminate hazards entirely.

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Hazardous tree assessment

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Good branch spacing and contour pruning keep your trees safer and aesthetically pleasing. We prune to promote good canopy structure.  

Removing a tree can be a hazardous process. We take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of your property and our climbers.

More than just cutting trees...

Tree trimming

Tree Removal