Our Services Include

* Tree and Shrub Pruning

* Tree and Shrub Removal

* Plant Selection and Planting

* Stump Grinding

* Pest Problem Diagnosis

* Cabling and Bracing

* Mulching

Our Services

Tree Trimming

Proper tree trimming can promote stronger and safer tree canopies.

Tree Planting

It all starts with the right plant for the right location. Then a properly installed tree or shrub. Improper installation can compromise a trees ability to thrive and ultimately shorten its lifespan.

Albuquerque Tree Care is a small locally owned tree service that is owned and operated by a certified Arborist. We take care of trees and shrubs of all sizes. We are licensed and insured for your protection.


We Care about your trees

Albuquerque Tree Care provides tree services for both residential and commercial properties and is owned and operated by a climbing Arborist.

Over 14 years in the business with no accidents...